Photo courtesy of 5 Rivers TU

Photo courtesy of 5 Rivers TU

Conservation is TU’s hallmark—no other group does what we do for fish and for those who pursue them. Throughout the year, 5RTU has numerous opportunities to participate in conservation projects.

If you haven’t been involved in one of the chapter’s volunteer activities, please consider joining us. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the work we do - whether it involves riparian restoration along Hermosa Creek, planting streamside vegetation to provide cover and shade for trout or participating in education programs.

If you’re interested in helping out, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch.

current volunteer opportunities

Children’s Water Festival

The Children’s Water Festival is a science conference for fifth grade students that focuses on water in our world. The goal is to provide a better understanding of water resources, and the value and importance of water. This year it will take place on Wednesday, May 1 at Fort Lewis College.

We are looking for volunteers to help guide the various school groups from program to program. Each school group will include the teacher and parents to keep track of the youngsters.

The volunteers will report to FLC by 7:30am. A breakfast buffet is provided as well as lunch. Volunteer duty usually runs from 9am till 3pm. A schedule as well as maps will be provided in advance.

If interested, contact Buck Skillen at bskillen759@gmail.com.

River Watch

River Watch is a statewide volunteer water quality-monitoring program in cooperation with Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Data from this work is used to educate citizens and inform decision makers about the condition of Colorado’s waters.

We are looking for a volunteer to take on water quality sampling for the late spring to early fall months. This requires a commitment of about 2 ½ days per month, typically in the first week or so of the month.

For more information, contact Buck Skillen at bskillen759@gmail.com.

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