chapter goals

Local Conservation Projects Are at the Heart of What We Do

We’re not just bystanders in the process. Our members provide the “boots on the ground” when it comes to doing much of the actual work in the watersheds, communities and rivers.

Our Goals:

  • Be an active, engaged and non-partisan voice for the conservation, protection and restoration of coldwater fisheries.

  • Work with Trout Unlimited employees and other government agencies to support the enactment of laws, rules, and policies that responsibly maintain high water quality.

  • Protect habitat by cleaning up streams, restoring degraded habitat and advocating for intelligent watershed management.

  • Call for the protection, identification and special management of quality waters, including actions intended to recognize and maintain the genetic integrity of unique trout species.

  • Support and conduct educational and informational outreach activities for its members and the general public to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of fly fishing, conservation and the overall mission of Trout Unlimited.