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What We’ve Achieved

Projects are how we positively impact our local coldwater fisheries and are a way for TU members to be involved. Projects and conservation opportunities vary in size, purpose and scope - from water access and fish restoration to stream rehabilitation.

2019 Activities

2018 Activities

  • September
    A group of 25 or so volunteers meet at Santa Rita Park and helped pick up trash along the Animas River. This past year we partnered with our friends at Artemis and Braided, two groups who are actively engaged with with women in fly fishing.

  • November
    The Hermosa Creek work for 2018 was partially completed. Volunteers from 5RTU and CPW helped scatter grass seed in the area of the new barrier prior to the road shutdown for the winter. We intend to go back in as early as possible in the spring to plant willows and continue the riparian rehab efforts.

  • November
    CPW's fish biologist, Jim White, and MSI's Scott Roberts presented about the state of the Animas in the aftermath of the 416 fire. To see the full results of the water quality monitoring results from Hermosa Creek and Animas River click here.