Chapter News 

January 2019


Fly tying night at Duranglers.

January 2019 Chapter Meeting

A big thanks to Matt McCannel, head guide at RIGS Fly Shop in Ridgeway, CO for venturing over for our January meeting and discussing techniques to help improve your landing rate. While Matt is generally targeting large fish on light leader/tippet with small flies, these are great tips for any situation. For those who attended - and those who couldn't make - here are 5 recommendations that Matt presented.

  1. Set your drag light, you can always add more

  2. Set the hook the opposite direction the fish is facing

  3. Use a low rod angle

  4. Get close to the fish and stay close

  5. Back off the drag and don't touch the line while netting the fish

Ridgeway guide.png

Hermosa Creek Restoration

The Hermosa Creek work for 2018 was partially completed. In November, volunteers helped scatter grass seed in the area of the new barrier prior to the road shutdown for the winter. We intend to go back in as early as possible in the spring to plant willows. Stay tuned as more information becomes available.

We are thrilled that we received a $5,000 grant from Patagonia® for riparian and habitat restoration as part of the on-going Cutthroat re-introduction program. The Chapter will be looking for volunteers to help with this work in the summer and fall of 2019.

Bonita Peak Consumer Advisory Group

There is no other issue of greater importance to the health of the Animas fishery - top to bottom - than mining-impacted water quality. As such, TU has long-been at the table with local stakeholders to address the problem and find solutions. It should then come as no surprise that TU was instrumental in developing the Bonita Peak CAG. Sign up to stay informed by going to

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Orvis 50/50 On the Water Profiles

Congratulations to 5RTU board member Kara Armano for being recognized by Orvis in their #50/50 On the Water Profiles. To read more about this accomplished fisherwoman and conservationist, check out the following link at